Interested in being a Mentor?

We're looking for mentors from all programming languages and other technical arenas, experienced speakers, conference organizers and others to join us in our mission.

Being a mentor might be as little as answering questions on the mailing list, or IRC. Or you might do Skype chats with people in need of help coaching, lead or participate in local meetups, Google+ Hangouts or other areas. You can put in as much or as little time as you want.

Want to sign up?

It's simple! Subscribe to the list, and send an introduction email including a brief bio, experience, and where you'd like to help. Rather than waiting for someone else to add you to this page - after you subscribe to the list - do a pull request to add yourself to this page!

Current Mentors

Jesse Noller

Specialties: Python, PyCon US, Python Software Foundation. email|twitter.

Justin Abrahms

Specialties: Python, Django, Editors, Learning. email|twitter.

Alex Gaynor

Specialties: Python, Django, Compilers, PyCon US. email|twitter.

Brent Ozar

Specialties: Microsoft SQL Server, VMware, storage. email|twitter.

Matt Spitz

Specialties: Python, High-scale webapps, "Big Data". twitter.

Selena Deckelmann

Specialties: PostgreSQL, education, open source community, user groups. email|twitter.

Sean O'Connor

Specialties: Python, Django, user groups, DjangoCon US, public speaking email|twitter.


Specialties: Developer relations, Javascript, Hackathons, APIs. email|twitter.

Lynn Root

Specialties: PyLadies, Python, Django, Learning, public speaking email|twitter.

Michael Scovetta

Specialties: Security, Django email|twitter.

Lynn Root

Specialties: PyLadies, Python, Django, Learning, public speaking email|twitter.

Daniel Greenfeld

Specialties: Python, Django, PyCon US, DjangoCon, public speaking email|twitter.

Adrian Howard

Specialties: Agile, Lean, UX, Perl, conference org, workshops, public speaking email|twitter|open office hours.

Laurens Van Houtven

Specialties: Python, Twisted, cryptography, public speaking email|twitter.

Jon Galloway

Specialties: ASP.NET, virtual conferences, podcasting, public speaking email|twitter.

Idan Gazit

Specialties: Design, UX, Django, public speaking email|twitter.

Craig Kerstiens

Specialties: Python, Django, Postgres, Product email|twitter.

Jen Myers

Specialties: Design, CSS, Girl Develop It, beginner tech education email|twitter.

Mahdi Yusuf

Specialties: Python, Django, PyCon CA email|twitter.

Noah Kantrowitz

Specialties: Python, Django, Front-end, JavaScript, operations email|twitter.

Chris Martens

Specialties: Functional programming, logic programming, academia email|twitter.

Jonathan "Duke" Leto

Specialties: Git, Virtual Machines, Perl, Scientific Computing, Hackathons email|twitter.

Garann Means

Specialties: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js email|twitter.

Christopher Neugebauer

Specialties: Python, PyCon Australia,, Android, Science (& presenting science) email|twitter.

Evan Cofsky

Specialties: Python, Haskell, SQL, programming. email|twitter.

Tracy Osborn

Specialties: Design, HTML/CSS, Django, Python, Public Speaking email|twitter.

Adam Goucher

Specialties: Testing, Web Automation, Continuous Delivery email|twitter.

Doug Napoleone

Specialties: Python, Django, Scientific Computing, PyCon US, Python Software Foundation. email|twitter.

Israel Fermín Montilla

Specialties: Python, Django, CherryPy, PyCon VE, Spanish, Semantic Web, Event Planning email|twitter.

Kenneth Reitz

Specialties: Python, Heroku, API Design, HTTP, Python Software Foundation. email|twitter.

Chiu-Ki Chan

Specialties: Android, mobile, career, topic brainstorming, conference recommendation. twitter|google+.

Éric Araujo

Specialties: Python core development, packaging, Mercurial, public speaking, community email|twitter.

Jeremiah Peschka

Specialties: SQL Server, Riak, databases. email|twitter.

Chris Kelly

Specialties: Ruby, data stores, toolchains, continuous delivery, DevOps email|twitter.

Jessica McKellar

Specialties: Python, community, systems engineering, startups, how to give engaging technical talks. email|twitter.

Carina C. Zona

Specialties: Ruby, Rails, RailsBridge, Git, web development, consulting, self-employment, public speaking, conference diversity outreach, women's tech education groups, intersections of sex education & tech email|twitter.